2021, July

Selected Publications

Novel tracking method that tracks both the target and distractor object using a target candidate association network.

ICCV, 2021

Training strategy to reduced the gap between a network trained on full or on weak annotations.

CVIU, 2021

AFDA is a semi-supervised learning method that aligns feature distributions between labeled and unlabeled to boost the classification accuracy.

CVIU, 2021

Novel network compression techique that unifies filter pruning and low-rank decomposition employing group sparsity regularization.

CVPR, 2020

Efficient Video Segmentation (EVS) pipeline that combines a fast CPU optical flow method with two CNNs to predict dense semantic labels.

WACV, 2020

ASAL is a new active learning strategy that synthesizes uncertain samples instead of performing an exhaustive search in each active learning cycle.

WACV, 2020

Convolutional network accelerator which is able to handle GPU-CNN sizes within the power envelope of embedded systems.